Build personal connection into your business.

Accelerate your sales and retention with truly personal outreach. Works directly with Salesforce, Zapier and Rapid API.


Seamlessly Tie Personal Outreach into Your CRM

Create entirely customized, handwritten notes as one-offs to important customers or as a programmatically triggered part of your customer lifecycle workflows. Get more meetings, fewer no-shows, and retain customers longer with personal touchpoints.

How It Works


Handwritten, on demand

Our patented technology creates letters that are as personalized as any email - and indistinguishable from human handwriting.  Request a free sample and see!


Deep integration, fast

Addressable taps directly into the systems you’re already using through Zapier, API or Salesforce integration. How you store your most important data, we can build an integration.


Supercharge your funnel

Standing out from the crowd is key in a busy marketplace - handwritten outreach moves customers down your sales funnel and keeps you top of mind. Standing out from the crowd is key in a busy marketplace and nothing accomplishes that like personal connection.

Enterprise Solutions

Zapier Integration

Sending notes to friends, family and clients has never been easier.

We’re always looking for ways to extend Addressable’s capabilities to enable meaningful connections easier for our customers. In that search we’re excited to announce that Addressable will have API functionality through Zapier. With Zapier our clients can connect our service with over 2,000 other high-quality applications. Get started!


Rapid API Integration

We recently launched our first automated integration, and continue our efforts to expand Addressable’s integration partnerships so that our customers can automate meaningful connections. As a continuation of those efforts, we are excited to announce that Addressable has launched with RapipdAPI. With RapidAPI’s frictionless zero-signup process, our customers can leverage their existing RapidAPI integration to send handwritten mail with near zero engineering effort. Get started!

Let's Connect

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