Personal engagement for every donor

Every donor deserves the personal attention that your major donors receive.  With Addressable, you can give it to them.


Appreciate, Cultivate & Retain

Our donor outreach is built to fit seamlessly into your existing donor lifecycle, enhancing the most important moments in your relationships with personalized, handwritten outreach - all without costing you any additional headcount. 



Swiftly respond to every donation with a personalized handwritten note through our automated donor stewardship.  The donors who previously fell below your Major Gifts bar now get a 1:1 thank you, every time.

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Reach your middle and major donors with regularly scheduled and one-off solicitations that are targeted, impactful and personal.  Our tools take your existing solicitations and get them read and replied to much more often.


When your donors are at risk of lapsing, automatically reach out with a donor activation message.  Make sure they know they’re appreciated.


Donor Outreach, Simplified

Palm Beach County Food Bank

The Palm Beach County Food Bank gets over 5 million pounds of food into the hands of 100,000 residents each year. With the increase in need from COVID-19, their demand has never been higher.

Using a handwritten donor campaign with Addressable they were able to earn 44x ROI bringing in 90 new donations at an average donation of $707


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 Whole Whale is a digital agency that leverages web data and technology to increase impact. They help nonprofits and for-good companies (like Addressable!) make the best use of their website, analytics, digital content, advertising, social media, email, and more to achieve their goals. 

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