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We recently launched our first automated integration, and continue our efforts to expand Addressable’s integration partnerships so that our customers can automate meaningful connections. As a continuation of those efforts, we are excited to announce that Addressable has launched with RapipdAPI. With RapidAPI’s frictionless zero-signup process, our customers can leverage their existing RapidAPI integration to send handwritten mail with near zero engineering effort.


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  • Send handwritten notes and letters to your customers via RapidAPI

Now RapidAPI users can leverage Addressable

Now with Addressable available in the RapidAPI marketplace, organizations can leverage their existing RapidAPI integrations to send meaningful handwritten notes to their customers and contacts. For example, when a customer makes a first purchase from your online store, you can send them a personalized handwritten note that references what they purchased. Consider the powerful connections you can build with customers by handwriting them a card, thanking them for their purchase, along with a coupon code for their next purchase!

Handwritten Notes for Your Sales Team

Supercharge your sales team by sending handwritten notes to new leads and as meeting followups - automatically.  Tie Addressable directly into your CRM workflows and automation with RapidAPI.


Human Touch for Your Customer Lifecycle

From onboarding to major purchases to retention, scale your personal outreach with Addressable notes.

Always Land the Star Hire

Top talent is what makes your team a success - and they're harder and harder to sign.  Integrate Addressable into your recruiting and interview process with RapidAPI to make sure that star talent knows how important they are to you.

Setting this up for the very first time requires no additional engineering effort, or even creating an account directly with Addressable. One of the most valuable aspects of RapidAPI is that all account signup and billing to the API provider is rolled up into the platform. Addressable API requests accept a simple JSON format that is documented with example on RapidAPI, and allows full customization of addresses to and from, mailer format, front card and letterhead graphics, and of course the content that is to be handwritten.

Get started today, and discover the value in handwritten emotional connections with your customers.


What is RapidAPI?


RapidAPI is an “integrate once and done” marketplace for thousands of APIs. The RapidAPI marketplace includes integrations to data sources such as weather, telephony services like Twilio, SaaS resources such as image processing. Developers need only integrate the RapidAPI SDKs once, and can access thousands of these integrations through RapidAPI with no additional accounts and keys.

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